Telugu Fonts in Google are not good looking

I have observed that the Telugu fonts that are available with Google are not so good looking. The language display is very beautiful due its round alphabets. But the Google Telugu Fonts are out dated and were not further developed. Now a days we are having good fonts available in the market and all print and TV media is using it.

The Fonts of other languages like Kannada and Tamil are aesthetic and side by side, the fonts of Telugu gives revulsion and it is one of the factors discouraging use of Telugu in Internet.

Google rather helping the language development, it is affecting its spread and is doing disservice to the larger community as every one knows that the Google is being used by most of the netizens for their day to day life.

There is a boasting that Google is full of Telugu people and all are sleeping without involving in the development and use of language.

Please share this with your friends and send this to the Google for their immediate action.

Unquote: Targeted no. of petitions is 10000 and there is no mail contact available with gmail. Please visit  and click ‘send feedback’ menu and paste the above matter and follow the instructions upto submit.